4thewords.com (Reboot CR)
Centro Comercial Trejos Montealegre
Escazu, San Jose
Costa Rica



If you see this icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen, it means we're online to chat.

We live in Costa Rica, read a lot, and spend too much time on youtube...

We’re a small group of people, currently 5, who wanted to create something fun, something beautiful, something that would help people do something that can be so hard: write.

We are passionate gamers - favorites include: Harvest moon, Final Fantasy 12, Dark souls, Monument Valley, Super Smash on 64, LA Noir and Guild Wars. We feel the value these games add to our lives, from the time we were young to yesterday - we carry these lessons with us.

We read too fast, type too slow and watch too much Dr.Who.

We also live in San Jose, Costa Rica and don’t get to play with sloths as often as we would like.

Drop us a line and say hello!

Pura Vida,
4thewords Staff