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Write Page

On the Projects page you’ll find a list of all of the projects you’ve created. You can move horizontally using the small arrows below the projects, or, by clicking and dragging the projects horizontally.
Files you haven’t assigned to a specific project will be listed under “Unassigned Files.”

  • Search: Search through your unassigned files by entering information into the search bar. The site will search through document titles, tags, and the content of your document.

  • Sort: You have three options to sort your files:
    - Recently Edited: List files chronologically. The most recently edited file comes first. For now, an edit counts as modifying the Title, tags or icon of the project or file.
    - Created (New - Old): List files by date of creation - newest ones first.
    - Alphabetical (A-Z): List files by title name starting with A and moving down to Z.
Files you’ve deleted will be placed in the trash. Here you have the option of recovering your files back to your “Unassigned Files,” or, to delete the file permanently. You can also “Empty your trashcan” which will permanently delete all files in the trash.
Please note: we won’t be able to recover files you permanently delete.

Project Details Page

Add existing files to a project by clicking the green “Add” button. Select “Import Files.” A box will list your “unassigned files.” Select the files you want to add and then the section within the project you want the files to go to.

Add a new section to a project by clicking the green “Add” button. Select “New Section.” A new section will automatically be added into the second position.

Move a section up or down by clicking the purple “” “” icons next to the section you want to move.
Hide the cards in a section by clicking the blue “” icon.
Drag and drop file cards to move them
You can delete a project or section by clicking the red “Delete” or red “trashcan” icon buttons.
  • Delete: This option will delete the project or section (it’s name, description, organization), but will keep the files. Files that were previously assigned to this project or section are moved to “Unassigned Files.”
  • Delete a Project + Files: This option completely deletes the project or section (name, description, organization) as well as all of the files within the project. The files that were in that project or section are moved to the Trash.

Write File

  • Icon Select: Click on the document icon to bring up a box that allows you to select the icon configuration for the file. Select a background color and an icon from either of the two icon sets we have.
  • Title: Document title is what will show up on the title section of your file card.
  • Tags: Add tags that make it easy for you to find and sort through specific files. Complete a tag by hitting the “Enter” key. The first three tags will show up on the preview of the file card.
  • Assign a File: When you’ve assigned the file to a project you’ll see the name of the project it is assigned to appear on the right side of the document header. Click on the name to go to that project.
  • Format Bar: Below the document header you’ll see formatting options for your text. Hover over the icon to see what it does.

Write Page Sidebar

The sidebar on the Write Page is the writing companion that helps you keep important information, about the document, or about the battle, you are currently in. It can be hidden and re-opened by clicking the “X” and “+” icons on the first tab.
The save button creates a “hard” save whenever you click it. The button is a light green when the most recent version of the document is saved, a light orange when you’ve updated the document and it needs to save.
*Note: Although we autosave for you regularly, it is a good idea to try and save as often as possible.
This tab has general information about the document you are on and your writing progress for the day.
  • Timer:
    In minutes, keeps track of your time spent writing. It will automatically pause when you haven’t written in a while and restart as soon as you begin to type again.
  • Word counters:
    More information on those here.
  • Streak:
    A streak day counts when you’ve written 444+ words on any given day. Grow your streak going by reaching this goal on consecutive days. If you miss a day the streak will reset.
  • Assign File:
    An “Assign file to project” button will appear when a file doesn’t have a project assigned to it. Click the button to select the project you want the file to belong to. When you’ve already assigned a Project, instead of the button, you’ll see the name of the project appear.
  • Delete File:
    An option to quickly delete a file is located at the bottom of the sidebar. This will move the file to your trash can.
This tab will show you information about monster battles.
  • Battle Stats: A summary of your battle stats (Attack | Defense | Luck) appear at the top of this tab.

  • In a battle: If you are already in a battle you’ll see the name, picture and time left of the monster you are battling. Below that you’ll see the progress of words you have to write in order to defeat it (The progress bar takes a few seconds after you’ve stopped writing to update. The numbers may appear in decimals because it takes into account your attack).
    A Flee button at the bottom of this tab lets you quickly end the battle. If you flee you’ll automatically lose the battle and requirements you paid.

  • Not in a battle:
    Look for Monster: Will open up a box where you can select what monster you want to fight against without having to go back to the zone page. This box automatically eliminates the monsters you don’t have the requirements for.
    Random Battle: For the more adventurous type clicking this button will select a monster at random to fight against. This will automatically filter out monsters you don’t have the requirements for.

Read Main page

To read a project click on the Project card. This will bring up a box with more information about the project:
- Author
- Title
- Category (Fiction, Romance, etc.)
- A short description
- Project status
- Cover Art
- Project Wordcount

This card allows you to read the project, or, to add it to your reading list for a later date. Selecting “Read” will open up the project details. This page has more information, a table of contents, and comments made by other readers. Select the section you want and start reading.
Use the search bar to look for books you want to read. Search will use the keywords you input to look through: Titles, descriptions and content.
Bookmark a section you are reading, so you may return to it at a later point, by clicking the bookmark icon .
A bookmarked section will always appear on the Read header bar so that it is easy to return to.
You can report a project that is violating our terms and conditions by clicking on the flag icon .
It helps us a lot when you report toxic projects so that we can eliminate them from the community.
Featured projects are chosen automatically by the site. We have a formula that calculates projects based on number of reads, star rating, comments and other variables. Please don’t ask us to feature projects.

Publishing A Project

Once you are ready to publish a project click on the “Publish” button located on the project details header.
A box will open where you will be able to choose the cover art, the status of the project (Private, Public draft, etc.), the Copyright option (CC, Public domain, etc) and the category yo want the project to appear in (fiction, romance, etc.).
On a different tab, same box, you’ll have a chance to fill out your Author Page (this can be done later).

For each published project you’ll be able to upload your own art for the cover. Upload the cover picture in the same box when you are selecting the project publishing options (copyright, status, etc.). Covers will be cropped into the following dimensions:
    - Height: 400 Pixels
    - Width: 280 Pixels
Only upload cover art you own or have the rights to. No nudity, vulgar or sexually explicit covers - these will be taken down and the users will face account suspension.

If you don’t have a cover to upload you can pick one of the templates we have.
  • Private: Private projects will only be visible by the author. The default state of all projects is Private.
  • Private Draft: Private draft allows the author to share the project url so that only people who have the direct link can see the project.
  • Public Draft: A public draft will be visible by anyone but will be designated as a draft so that readers know it is a work in progress.
  • Public: Public projects will be visible by everyone.
Copyright options for your project: For most of these license conditions we’ve taken the text directly from the Creative Commons website.
    - Not specified: If you don’t specify a copyright designation this will be the default choice.
    - All Rights Reserved: The author holds and reserves all rights of copyright for their own use.
    - Public Domain: Works in the public domain are those whose exclusive intellectual property rights have expired, have been forfeited, or are inapplicable.
    - Creative Commons (CC) Attribution: All CC licenses require that others who use your work in any way must give you credit the way you request, but not in a way that suggests you endorse them or their use. If they want to use your work without giving you credit or for endorsement purposes, they must get your permission first.

Author Page

Your public author page provides readers and followers with more information about yourself. Edit your information by clicking the “edit” button located at the top of the “Author” page. Use the description field to tell the community a little bit about yourself, this field is limited to 700 characters.

In addition to a short description about yourself you can also include social media links you want to share. Simply copy your page url and paste it into the appropriate field.
Only use the platforms we’ve designated, other links will be taken down.

Oge-Mai Valley

Our story takes place in the world of Oge-Mai Valley, a peaceful valley that has fallen under attack by a mysterious purple dust. Here is a short 2 minute video that introduces the world:

Your journey begins in the first zone, a corner of that Valley, called Luciola Forest. Within each zone there are:
  • Monster Battles
  • Items
  • Quests
  • Markets
Monsters and items can appear in various zones, while quests and markets are unique to the zone you are currently in.
To unlock the next zone you complete all of the required quests of the zone you are in.

So far, we’ve unlocked up to Mama Tree. That is as far as you can currently go in the world. When we are ready to release the next zone we will announce it and you’ll see it appear on your World Map automatically.
World Map: To travel from one zone to another you’ll use the World Map. There you’ll see a small indicator which shows which zones you have access to. Clicking the indicator will give you traveling information to that zone.

Travelling Costs: Each zone has a traveling cost that you must pay in order to travel there. The farther you are from a zone, the higher the traveling cost. These costs accumulate if you move through more than one zone.

Travelling Time: Traveling time increases the farther you want to travel. This time also accumulates if you move through more than one zone. You can chose to skip this wait time and travel instantly to a zone by paying for a Rudakai Trip.
While you are traveling from one zone to another you won’t have access to the Zone page. Which means you won’t be able to battle monsters, view your Inventory or access the Questbook.

Monster Battles

You’ll be facing off against Monsters and will need to write words in order to defeat them. Each monster is unique and you’ll have to move around the world if you want to see them all. You can only battle against one monster at a time, for now.

General Battle Rules
  • You can only battle one monster at a time.
  • Once a battle begins you may write your words anywhere and in any combination of files you want (it doesn’t have to be all on one document), what counts is your word count from the moment battle begins.
  • If you Flee a battle you will lose the requirements paid.
  • If you are currently in a battle you can’t move between zones.
A monster has a set time in which it must be defeated or else the battle is lost. This battle countdown begins when you click the “Start Battle” button and runs through in real time without stopping until that time is up (If you stop writing, or if you run away from the site in fear, this timer will still run).

A monster has a “Health” progress bar which is defined by the number of words it takes to defeat that monster. You can write these words in a single document, or in a variety of different documents.
An example: A Pester has 200 health and a 30-minute timer, which means you have 30 minutes to write 200 words.

A monster may have a set of required items you need to pay in order to battle them (some have none, while others might have 2 Crystal swords, 3 Rudakai badges, and 100 Crystals – the egomaniac of the bunch). These requirements are your “entry ticket” into the battle and will paid if you chose to begin the battle.

Monsters drop a random reward for defeating them, these items get placed directly in your inventory after a battle.


To aid in battle against these monsters we’ve introduced items. Battle items will boost your stats and make you more efficient when facing off against creatures. Non-Battle Items can be used to complete quests, move the story along, or simply to collect.

General Item Rules
  • Items are equipped in the Inventory, where you can also see their stats in greater detail.
  • Two weapons can be equipped at once: one primary weapon and one secondary weapon.
  • Items can’t be modified once you are in a battle.
  • You can’t have more than one unique item (story items, collectibles).
Items that are used in battle to increase your stats (Attack, Defense, Luck) against monsters.

Attack Items:
Increase the damage you deal to a monster’s health. This type of item (swords, nets, magical staffs) will allow you to gain “extra” words for every real word you write.
An Example: A wood hammer with an attack damage of 1, would increase your damage by 1%, so that out of every 100 words you write, you get 1 free word.

Defense Items:
Increase the time you have to defeat a monster. This type of item (Boots, breastplate, helmet) will allow you to gain “extra” time in battle.
An example: Leaf boots will increase your defense by .5%. If you were to fight a Wrimo who has a timer countdown of 1,440 minutes you would get an extra 72 minutes in that battle (1440*.05).

Luck Items:
Increase your luck so that you are more likely to get drops from battle.
An example: Leaf boots also have an added “luck” of 1 (these boots are special, we know). Which means you are 1% more likely to receive an item you wouldn’t have before.

Monsters drop a random reward for defeating them, these items get placed directly in your inventory after a battle.
Items that have no use in battle but can help you with quests, the story line, or are collectible.

Craft Material Items:
Craft items are dropped by monsters and used in the crafting markets. You'll need different mixes of craft materials to craft specific item recipe's.

Story Items:
Items that can’t be equipped and are needed to move the story along. You’ll have to gain, carry, or give to someone for the story to move forward.

Items given for a special occasion that won't be released again.

The Stempo is our first consumable item and is used primarily to repair and expand streaks on the Streak Calendar. The Stempo is introduced into the game's story line at the Gansu Watering Hole and plays a part in the quests you have to complete there.

There a few ways to obtain Stempos:
  • Purchased with Core Crystals directly on the Streak Calendar
  • Earned in game (Quest reward or large monster drops)
  • Won as a streak reward


The story of Oge-Mai Valley is told and completed through the quests. In order to move through the world and explore new zones you’ll have to complete a zone’s required quests first. Quests are tied to the particular zone you are in and can be required or optional.

Required Quests (Main Quests):
Required quests must be completed in order for the next one to appear. All required quests in a zone must be completed before you can move on to the next zone. Main quests have story scenes which move you forward in your journey.
Optional Quests (Secondary Quests):
These quests are completed for the thrill of the hunt (and the rewards of course). Optional quests can be completed in any order.
Clicking on a quest will open its list of requirements which must be completed in order to finish the quest.
Some quests have a time limit in which the must completed. These quests will have a “Take” option, the quest timer won’t begin until you agree to take this quest.


Markets are unique to the zone they are in, which means what you find in a market in Luciola Forest will be different than the market in Mama Tree. There can also be more than one market in a zone, each offering a different mix of options. In general there are four main things you can do in a market: Buy, Sell, Craft and Open Chests.

Buy items directly from the Market so that you don't have to find them in battle. The price of each item for sale will be listed below the item. Clicking on the item will open a confirmation box where you can select the number of items you want and will give you the total price for those items. Once purchased the items will automatically appear in your inventory below.
To sell an item simply click on the item in your inventory. This will open a confirmation box where you can select the amount you want to sell and you will be given the total price for selling those items. *Note that your inventory when selling items is different than your normal inventory as it omits items you aren't able to sell.
In the craft section you'll see all the recipes available to craft for that market. Each item recipe has a set of required items that you need to turn to receive the craft item you want.
Monsters have the possibility to drop a chest when you win a battle. To unlock a chest you take it to the locksmith and complete that chest's specific recipe. Once opened the items gained will be automatically added to your inventory.


The Avatar Wardrobe allows users to customize their site Avatars into whatever they wish to become. Wardrobe items range anywhere from choosing your eye color, to white wings you unlock when you reach a streak of 365 days. Items can be purchased directly on the Avatar Wardrobe, won in game through quests or battles, or unlocked for participating in a special event or contest.
Unlike battle items, wardrobe items are purely visual and don't increase your hero's attack, defense or luck stats.
All wardrobe items can be tried on before you purchase them.

Some items have limitations and can't be worn with other item simultaneously. You wouldn't be able to wear two different types of shoes, for example. These limitations will appear as you try on different items and you'll be able to chose which one you prefer.
We recently launched the Avatar Wardobe, which is why we only have female and male avatar options. We'll be adding more inclusive gender neutral and non-human avatar options as soon we can.

To switch your avatar gender click on the gender icons on the top left side of your Avatar preview. Items are specific to the gender for which you buy them. the store will automatically update the items listed, when you switch between the genders. Unisex items are labeled as such, and when unlocked, become available for both genders.
*NOTE: Changing the gender wont afect your current preferences but saving an avatar in a diferent gender, will result in the loss of your current preferences and will reset your previous avatar.

Skin Color: Skin colors are shown as body items (each color being a diferent item). Click on the color you'd like to see the results.
*NOTE: If changing the color of a certain bodypart (such as ears) will also change the rest of your body's color.

Some items might come with variations included in the item. These variations are free and will usually take form as different color options for that item.


The Bestiary is a compendium of all the monsters in the game. You can access it through the Quest Book on the Play page, you'll see a Bestiary button on the top right side of the page.
Monsters you've fought again will appear on the overview page, and when clicked on, will take you to the details page about that monster. Monsters you haven't encountered and battled against will appear as shadows, waiting to be discovered.

This page has detailed information about each monster that is accessible without having to be in the same zone as that monster.
After you've defeated a certain monster, you'll be able to access the following information about that monster:
  • Rewards
  • Phisical Descriptions
  • Where It Can Be Found
  • Related Quests
  • Battle Stats
  • Name
  • Type
  • Battle Time
  • Word Count
  • Requirements

Account Information

Your 4thewords username is a public display name and is used to identify you across the platform. Usernames must be 6-10 characters long. No spaces or special characters. Profane or vulgar usernames will be banned.
Your account password must be longer than 5 characters. You can change it at any point by visiting the “Account” page.
If you’ve forgotten your password you can recover it here.

Subscription & Payments

Account subscriptions are paid with Core Crystals. Packages with different amounts of Core Crystals can be found on the “Payments” Page. Selecting one of these package will take you to a secure PayPal page to complete your purchase. A one month subscription costs 44 Core Crystals. 44 Core Crystals costs $4. Here are our current packages and subscription exchange rates:

*Core Crystals can also be earned in-game.
We currently use PayPal as our payment option. If you already have an account you can pay as you would with any PayPal purchase.

If you don’t have a PayPal account you can create one for free in under five minutes here. PayPal is used by over 170 million users, in 190 countries, and accepts major forms of payment.

*As a company based out of Costa Rica international regulation and available technology restrict the payment options we have available. As soon as we can implement more payment methods we will.
If you’ve received a coupon code, copy and paste it into the Coupon Code field, in the Core Crystal store, on the “Payments” page. The Crystal Store packages will automatically update to the coupon offer. Select the package and complete your transaction through PayPal as you normally would.

The coupon code field is not case sensitive. You can only use a coupon code once.
At the bottom of the “Payments” page you’ll find a table with a history of your payments. Click on the “paperclip” icon to see an invoice detailing your transaction.

Streak Calendar

The Streak Calendar can be found on your Dashboard page. The calendar provides an overview of how your writing has been progressing over time. The most evident thing you see is how your streak has been going: the days you were able to write 444 words, and thus complete your streak for that day, are filled in light blue.
Clicking on a day will bring up writing stats for that day: how many words you word, how long you spend writing those words and how many battles you participated in:

Small item icons on the calendar represent streak rewards you unlock as your streak grows. If you see a Wooden Chest on day 21 you'll earn the chest when your streak is 21 days long.You can click on the icon to quickly see how long your streak needs to be to earn it. If you lose your streak the rewards reset with you, and you'll be able to win them again if you reach that goal. You can see up to 10 rewards into the future, the rest won't appear until you get close to them.
If you missed a writing day, and broke your streak, you can repair it using a special item called a Stempo. Broken streak days appear on the calendar as a red broken chain, when you click on it, the system will automatically calculate how many Stempos it will cost to fix that streak. Here are some rules we've set for fixing broken streaks:
  • You can only fix up to 30 days into the past - this prevents particularly old streaks from being revived
  • You can't fix gaps larger than 15 days
  • The price to repair your streak is 2 Stempos per day.
If you want to extend your streak into the future, to protect days you know you won't be able to write, you can do so with the Stempo. Click on the white arrow you'll find on Today and chose the number of days you'd like to extend your streak. The rules we've set for extending a streak are:
  • You can only extend your streak up to 15 days at a time. In other words: you have a pool of 15 days you can extend, when you complete streak days, you refill your pool of extended days. For example: I extend my streak 10 days into the future, so my pool is down to 5 days. I log back in on day 11, write normally for 5 days, this brings my pool back up to 10 days (5 days I had + 5 days I wrote normally).
  • The cost of extending your streak is 1 Stempo per day.
  • When you extend your streak you don't receive the streak rewards for those days. So if you were to extend through day 365 you'd miss the Avatar Wings reward.
The Stempo is our first consumable item and is used primarily to repair and expand streaks on the Streak Calendar. The Stempo is introduced into the game's story line at the Gansu Watering Hole and plays a part in the quests you have to complete there.

There a few ways to obtain Stempos:
  • Purchased with Core Crystals directly on the Streak Calendar
  • Earned in game (Quest reward or large monster drops)
  • Won as a streak reward
You can see how many Stempos you have on the Streak Calendar or in your hero's inventory.


Notifications alert you to actions that occur as you use the website. Some notifications will appear in real time to let you know of important events: winning or losing a battle. These appear on the right side of the screen and disappear automatically after a few second or when clicked. All your notifications are saved chronologically on your Notifications page, accessed through the sub-menu on the main navigation bar.

Some notifications are displayed publicly on our Global Notification list. This a "for fun" list that we placed in the Forum where you can see what other members are doing on the site in real time. Only some notifications appear here and if they do they have been redacted to hide any private information.